The Lottery Ticket by ANTON CHEKHOV

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IVAN DMITRITCH, a middle-class man who lived with his family on an income of twelve hundred a year and was very well satisfied with his lot, sat down on the sofa after supper and began reading the newspaper.

“I forgot to look at the newspaper today,” his wife said to him as she cleared the table. “Look and see whether the list of drawings is there.”

“Yes, it is,” said Ivan Dmitritch; “but hasn’t your ticket lapsed?”

“No; I took the interest on Tuesday.”

“What is the number?”

“Series 9,499, number 26.”

“All right . . . we will look . . . 9,499 and 26.”

Ivan Dmitritch had no faith in lottery luck, and would not, as a rule, have consented to look at the lists of winning numbers, but now, as he had nothing else to do and as the newspaper was before his eyes, he passed his finger downwards along the column of numbers. And immediately, as though in mockery of his scepticism, no further than the second line from the top, his eye was caught by the figure 9,499! Unable to believe his eyes, he hurriedly dropped the paper on his knees without looking to see the number of the ticket, and, just as though some one had given him a douche of cold water, he felt an agreeable chill in the pit of the stomach; tingling and terrible and sweet!

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Gulliver’s Travels

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Samuel Gulliver loves travelling and sailing.But he is in danger.The sea and wind are strong.The sea and wind break his ship.He is cold,tired,hungry and thirsty.He sees an island.He swims to it.He runs onto the beach and he sleeps there. Everybody in Lilliput sleeps.But the watchman doesn’t sleep.He goes out in the cold and rain.He walks alone.The watchman is wet and unhappy.It is a very dark night and he is afraid.He walks.He falls down.He looks up.There are strange things around him.
The watchman sees a giant.He is afraid.He escapes.He looks back again.He is sure.It is a giant.
He runs to king’s palace.But the guards stop him.
“The king has visitors.They are signing a wedding contract.
the guards say to him.But the watchman runs past them into the meeting room.
“There is a giant on the beach!? the watchman shouts.
Nobody listens to the watchman.
King Little and King Bombo sign a wedding contract.Because King Little’s daugter Princess Glory is marrying King Bombo’s son Prince David.The watchman comes to palace. “There is a giant on the beach the watchman shouts.Nobody listens to him.Then King Little’s men carry presents.

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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It was New Year at the court of King Arthur. The King, Queen and all the knights of the Round Table were celebrating. Suddenly the door opened and everybody turned round. A knight rode into the room on a magnificent horse. The knight and his horse were completely green!
The strange green knight got off his horse and spoke. `I know that King Arthur and his knights are famous for their bravery. I have come to test their bravery with a little game. Here Is my axe. One of you brave knights must try to cut off my head. But, next year, on the same day, t will try to do the same to that knight:
A brave and honest knight, Sir Gawain, stood up and said: ‘I will do it: With no hesitation, he took the axe and cut off the Green Knight’s head. Then the strangest thing happened. The Green Knight picked up his head, got on his horse and left the room!

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