Robinson Crusoe

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robinson Robinson Crusoe opens with an extremely quick rundown of Robinson’s family life: he was born in 1632; his parents are German, and left their hometown of Bremen to settle in Hull, in England. They are middle-class, and Robinson’s father strongly advocates a middle-class life for Robinson too, encouraging him to pursue law as a profession. Both of Robinson’s brothers are missing one was killed in battle, and the other hasn’t been heard from since he began a life of travel and adventure. Robinson wants to pursue travel as well, but is dissuaded by his father. In 1651, against his parents’ wishes, however, Robinson leaves on a series of ill-fated voyages in search of indigenous non-Western peoples with whom he can trade. On one such voyage, Robinson’s ship is captured by pirates and he is made personal slave to the pirate king. After two years, he manages to escape with a fellow prisoner — a Moor, Xury — and the two are taken in by a Portuguese trading ship and brought to Brazil. Robinson becomes quite friendly with the Captain of the ship and sells Xury to him on the condition that he free Xury in ten years (if, the Captain insists, Xury converts to Protestantism). Robinson sets up a plantation in Brazil, growing tobacco, and it quickly begins prospering. Though he could stay and continue to manage his plantation, however, Robinson is struck with the urge to take to sea again, and leaves on a voyage that will eventually lead to disaster. The ship encounters a huge storm, and Robinson is the only survivor to make it onshore a deserted island. He begins to make a life on the island, and will stay there for 28 years.

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Robinson CRUSOE – Daniel DEFOE

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Robinson CRUSOE
Daniel DEFOE


Robinson Crusoe orta halli bir İngiliz ailenin çocuğu idi . Babası Robinsonun iyi bir iş tutup sakin bir hayat sürmesini arzuladığı halde,Robinson denizlere açılıp maceracı bir hayat sürmeye öylsine can atıyorduki, en sonunda evinde daha fazla kaşlamayacağını anladı.Büyüklerin haberi olmadan ilk yolculuğa çıktı.Gemi mütiş bir fırtınaya tutulmuştu.Robinson’u öyle bir deniz tutmuştuki karaya sağsalim kavuşamamaktan korkuyordu.Karaya bir çıksam bir daha denizlerin adını anmıyacağım diye düşünüyordu.

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